What is the Crystal Gemcast?

It’s a podcast created in May 2015 to discuss the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. In particular, we talk about the themes and the characters, discuss wild theories and often go off on wild tangents about things that Ami loves and Joseph’s never seen. We aim to get two episodes out to you a month, and we appreciate every single one of our listeners. (Even you, Steve.)

The Team


A civil servant in his mid 20’s who got into podcasting out of desperation and never quite kicked the habit. He also edits the episodes into the frankenstinian abominations that you see before you and creates the Steven Reviewniverse youtube videos (No wonder he’s going grey already). When he’s not frantically working, recording or editing you’ll find him moderating forums, listening to music several decades older than he is or getting engrossed in a marathon session of Civilization V.


Bio coming soon.

The Mysterious Voice from Afar

An enigma: stuffed into a box, wrapped in bacon and put in the oven. The one who gives each episode a listen to make sure audio standards are being met and the technical support for when Joseph doesn’t know what he’s doing. Prefers to be anonymous for reasons we can’t be certain of. Not to be confused with The Mysterious Voice from Jafar, who lives in Agrabah.