Oct 29

Crystal Gemcast: Episode 5 – The Sea Spire Set-up

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Show Notes:

Great Scott! The Crystal Gemcast returns from hiatus via Delorean as Joseph and Ami talk over, and then discuss, the episode Cheeseburger Backpack. Plus, a little bit of talk about the latest story arc, and how Perdiot drilled her way into our hearts through the Power of Love.

I don’t have any more Back to the Future puns, sorry.

Credits music: “Stronger than You” – Written by Estelle and Rebecca Sugar, performed by youseeeberkeley (www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfLwcU7GFJ4).

Other clips and music used in this podcast belong to their respective owners and all are protected under the doctrine of Fair Use (17 U.S.C. ยง 107).

This is a fan-made critique. ‘Stephen Universe’ was created by Rebecca Sugar and is a product of Cartoon Network Studios.

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