Dec 22

Crystal Gemcast: Episode 6 – Beach City Needs a Psychiatrist Pt. I

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Show Notes:

Get out your DSM-5 guides and clipboards as Joseph and Ami are joined by special guest Sam to discuss how mental ilnesses are being portrayed in Steven Universe. It’s such a big topic that this is only half of it!

Plus, everyone discusses who their favourite fusion is, and everyone talks about how great Garnet is (as usual).

Credits music: “Stronger than You” – Written by Estelle and Rebecca Sugar, performed by youseeeberkeley (www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfLwcU7GFJ4).

Other clips and music used in this podcast belong to their respective owners and all are protected under the doctrine of Fair Use (17 U.S.C. § 107).

This is a fan-made critique. ‘Stephen Universe’ was created by Rebecca Sugar and is a product of Cartoon Network Studios.

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  1. Tim

    After re-watching Giant Woman a few times, Opal has really climbed my personal Fusion rankings. As kind of a call-back to the Influences Podcast, I really noticed the parallels between her appearance and a Final Fantasy Summon Spell: She has her own theme song, as she just focuses on the enemies, has a long animation where her weapon comes out, and then the bow ‘charge-up’ sound before she fires could be lifted directly from the Shiva Diamond Dust summon 🙂

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