Feb 04

Crystal Gemcast: Episode 7 – Beach City Needs a Psychiatrist Pt. II

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Show Notes:

It’s a one-two discussion punch as Joseph, Ami and newly appointed co-host Sam talk about how great the latest Steven Bomb is, before bringing you the other half of the discussion about Steven Universe and Mental Health.

Plus, some comments get read, and everyone says insulting things about Ronaldo (Which is as it should be.) Can we survive the latest Hiatus? Of course we can!

Credits music: “Stronger than You” – Written by Estelle and Rebecca Sugar, performed by youseeeberkeley (www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfLwcU7GFJ4) and “Love Like You” – Written by Rebecca Sugar, performed by Sam.

Other clips and music used in this podcast belong to their respective owners and all are protected under the doctrine of Fair Use (17 U.S.C. ยง 107).

This is a fan-made critique. ‘Stephen Universe’ was created by Rebecca Sugar and is a product of Cartoon Network Studios.


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  1. Sam

    I’m really glad that Sam has now joined the cast, but I want to say that all y’all guys are thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. L

    You guys waiting for the next bomb to start this up again?

    1. Joseph

      Nah, it’s more that clashing schedules and stuff means we can only really release 1 episode per month at the moment.

  3. Donovan Grobler

    (My first time doing something like this. Scared itless)
    I just recently followed you guys via twitter as Emerald [E-100] and I have a theory of my own to share. My bio is the theory. Well, half of it. So feel free to follow back and ask.

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