Apr 08

Crystal Gemcast: Episode 8 – The Fission Family and Other Puns Pt. I

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Show Notes:

Spring is here, and lieu of poisoning pigeons in the park, what better time to talk about family in Steven Universe? So that’s what Joseph, Ami and Sam are here to do. We have so much to talk about that we can only include half of it here!

Plus, we have a deluge of mail, and we speculate what RPG classes each character could fit into. (Don’t ask us to argue alignments though; we’d be here all day.)

Credits music: “Stronger than You” – Written by Estelle and Rebecca Sugar, performed by youseeeberkeley (www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfLwcU7GFJ4) .

Other clips and music used in this podcast belong to their respective owners and all are protected under the doctrine of Fair Use (17 U.S.C. ยง 107).

This is a fan-made critique. ‘Stephen Universe’ was created by Rebecca Sugar and is a product of Cartoon Network Studios.

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