Nov 01

Steven Reviewniverse: S1 Ep. 24 – An Indirect Kiss

Everyone gets emotionally compromised as Joseph takes a look at the episode ‘An Indirect Kiss’

Do it For Her was composed by Rebecca Sugar, arranged by Aivi & Surasshu and covered by YouSeeBerkley (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQSOyA-M4VdBHl7tYA8oNA)


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  1. And I'm Hunter

    I’m super digging this, keep em coming!

    1. Joseph

      Thanks for the support! We really appreciate it!
      – Joseph

  2. Jon P

    “Indirect Kiss” didn’t happen after “Ocean Gem”, it was the episode right before “Mirror/Ocean Gem” where Steven discovers his healing powers, so that he can use them on Lapis.

    1. Joseph

      Well, I stand corrected. Thanks for letting us know! – J

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